What Is Enough Time?

How long will this take you? How much time will you need? I didn’t think it would take that long!
Sound familiar?
These are some of the questions or statements you will hear from your clients.
Our clients love to know how much time it will take to do something because they want to kind of know how much it can potentially cost.
My favourite is the Í didn’t think it would take that long!’
Perception is everything, which is why we need to be very transparent, very clear, and communicate our “time” on projects to make sure that the client is aware of the time. How much time it takes to do something will vary with each and every one of us, it will also depend on how much information you have been provided eg if you’re working on content and social media if you are researching or setting up a template suite … it’s all relative and it’s all different.
This is when keeping a timer helps as you move from gestimate to an estimate.
Let’s hear about how you can manage client expectations and recognise what is enough time.

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