Transition & Decision

You’ve made the decision – now what?

In this episode, Lou talks about the challenges when you transition from being an employee to self-employed. 

Lou explains the importance of positive self-talk and testimonials, along with a “tribe” to help you transition and stay focussed along the way. 

This is a crucial time in your journey, you need to make sure your transition from the workforce is intentional and deliberate. 

Join us next week when we talk about vital services that are important in your VA business. 


Founder Lou Mathieson started her journey back in 2019 when she left her corporate position and was encouraged to start her own VA business. Lou worked in various businesses holding various administrative, operational and marketing positions over her career of 20 years, and developed a compassion and heart for people along the way. Lou developed a passion for business and to see people thrive and succeed. 

After listening to a very good friend and mentor, Lou was prompted to share her knowledge and develop something for VAs like her, to help encourage, empower and educate – without the huge financial investment that so many others expect. 

My VA Time is designed to: empower – by providing adaptable resources; educate – through learned experiences and professional experts; and encourage VAs all over the world on their journey. 

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