Terms and Conditions



To make sure we keep our communities and directory in line with our vision, mission & values we have an application process in place.

We do a check to make sure that you are a suitable fit for My VA Time and to protect our members. You must be a Virtual Assistant or Online Business Manager to join our community and membership.

We have the right to decline any person we believe doesn’t fit into our community.


  • Once you’ve entered a membership, payments will be taken out automatically via your nominated bank account.
  • If you fail to let us know that you wish to cancel your subscription via an email to contact@myvatime.com you will not be entitled to a refund.
  • If your card payment fails and you don’t cancel your membership we have the right to automatically take payments out that are in arrears. Any outstanding arrears will be checked regularly.
  • We require 7 working business days notice if you would like to cancel your membership. You can request to cancel via email to contact@myvatime.com

If you would like to change your membership type, please let us know! You may want to change from monthly to annually or annually to monthly for example. We totally understand that circumstances change so please reach out so we can assist you!