Taking the time to celebrate your wins!

As Virtual Assistants we often work at home and can often feel isolated, but how can we share and celebrate our wins. And why is it important to do so?


Celebrate early, Celebrate often

Starting your own VA business is a huge accomplishment! It requires a large dollop of bravery and a big pinch of hope! Especially if you’re transitioning from full-time work to full-time business owner. Often in those early days, we are so busy establishing our businesses, and finding an onboarding clients all while setting our processes up that we can forget to celebrate our wins.


As a business owner, only you can determine what success is, but this can sometimes have it’s downside. 

We end up taking our selves for granted and forgetting to celebrate our wins. Sometimes it’s a hangover from working as employees, where it was up to the employer to determine success and to celebrate it accordingly. Or maybe it’s a hint of imposter syndrome rearing it’s ugly head (was that really a win worth celebrating? Am I really a successful business owner?) But as a business owner, you get to define success and you then choose how to celebrate it! Creating a culture of celebrating early and often can become a huge motivational factor. One small win becomes another and another and the snowball effect takes hold. Accomplishments and wins become something that is expected in your business and so excellence becomes the norm.


So what kind of things count as a win? 

Anything! Anything that is an improvement or builds and creates or expands. For instance; signing your first client might be an obvious win, but so is having your first lead call. Whether or not you are successful in signing them isn’t the point – the fact that you DID it is the win to celebrate! Making your first $1,000 in business income (or any other goal amount) is a fantastic win – but so is making your very first dollar. In this way, the goal post shifts from a focus on the achievement to a focus on the doing – the doing is the success and is what is celebrated. By shifting the mindset we can see and celebrate wins all the time and our sense of achievement is no longer tied to a specific outcome.


But the very best part about creating a business culture of celebrating success is that we can then go and share our wins and celebrations with other small business owners. My VA Time was created with this reason in mind. A safe a welcoming space for VAs of all experience levels to be able to come together and celebrate wins – to cheer each other on, so that when you feel like you are in the pit (Why did I start my own business?? Why did I want to be my own boss??) we can be lifted by each others wins!


So what is something that you can celebrate today? What achievement would you like to share? Pop it in the comments below and let’s help create an ethos of celebrating our wins!

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