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When I worked in the corporate and private sector, I was asked two questions every single day:

1. Can you make me a coffee?
2. Where is the coffee?

But you know we are so much more than that. YOU are so much more than that!

People see us as invaluable but we are really the glue that sticks everything together.

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Do you often find yourself saying “right tomorrow I am going to really focus and not get distracted!” I know I do. My workdays often spiral out

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Nurturing: Why do we do it?

We’re told to “nurture” our clients and that relationships are important, but what does that look like? How do I know I’m doing it right? One

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Nurturing: What does it mean?

We’ve all heard the terms “nurture your clients” and the buzz words “welcome series” or “nurture sequence” but what does it actually mean? Nurture means to

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Growing Pains

When my young son has a growth spurt, he gets hiccups and complains that his legs hurt. This is a tell tale sign for my

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Growth can look very different for each of us. A lot of people would associate scaling as business growth, but there are so many other elements

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How To Prepare For EOFY

If you’re like me, finances aren’t your strong suit! So preparing for the EOFY can be stressful! Finances, while I can do them, is something I

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What Is Enough Time?

How long will this take you? How much time will you need? I didn’t think it would take that long! Sound familiar? These are some of the

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How Much Time?

One of the most frequently asked questions I think we get asked as VAs is “How much time do you need?” or “How long will

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Is It Time For A Holiday?

We can’t take time off, we’re business owners? Having time to yourself is extremely important. It allows you to recharge, and just take that much

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It’s About Time

This month we are looking at time.  As VA’s, time is something we live by. Our jobs are time driven. During May we will explore why

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Levelling Up

I have to admit, this week nearly broke me. For the first time in three years, I really felt like giving up. It was tough. It was

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Fear vs Faith

We operate out of two zones: Fear or Faith. Fear has the ability to freeze us and stop us from being who we are called to

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We’re Back!

Welcome back! We are a little later than planned but hey … things happen sometimes right?! Today’s episode is about reflecting on what you achieved

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All Aboard!

Onboarding is one of the most important things you will do in your business, because let’s face it … without clients we don’t exist! But

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What’s The Difference?

Policies and Procedures are the same things right? No!  Both serve different purposes and neither can exist without the other. In this episode, we discuss

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It’s A Business!

Have you fully emerged yourself in your business or are you still in “side hustle” mode?  Do you have systems? Processes? Policies? Procedures? SOPs?  Are

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Money & Mindset

What type of mindset do you have when it comes to money? Abundant vs scarcity? Our money mindset comes from various influences and it is

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Is a logo important?

Do you have a logo? Is it really that important to have one? What about a style guide? These elements are SO important when it

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Top Motivational Tools

As VAs we are very capable of juggling multiple tasks at once, but sometimes this is a little tricky when everyone is looking to YOU

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Knowing what to set up in your business can be challenging! What insurances do I need? Do I need a bookkeeper? In this episode, Lou

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Transition & Decision

You’ve made the decision – now what? In this episode, Lou talks about the challenges when you transition from being an employee to self-employed.  Lou

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