My Story


If you were to tell me that I would be in business for myself even just three years ago, I would have laughed and said “not a chance”.

Yet – here I am!

I fell into the business world after the culture changed at my workplace and I fell victim to a bit of workplace bullying. Not a nice time for me or my family.
My husband had just decided he would try his business development skills and purchased a mobile dog washing trailer, with the intention for me to stay at my permanent government job to support us and have a regular income.

After the workplace dramas became just too much, I resigned. Right after being made permanent too as a grade 6 public servant! (Equivalent to $100K per year!)

What the hell was I thinking??????

It was then I received a phone call one day from a previous Director I worked with who introduced me to the concept of virtual assistance. She explained what it was, that she thought I should look into it and that she would love me to start working with her! 

Light bulb moment! Why had I never heard of this before???

I was overwhelmed with excitement and thought YES this is something I want to do! 

And what?? A client before I even started! Wow … so blessed.

So I set to work, built my website (never had I ever done this before) on WIX in 2 days and started writing down all the business connections I could think of in a notebook.

I received two phone calls in a week with people wanting to meet with me.
I had no documentation, no onboarding documents, no service agreement … nothing!

It was pretty overwhelming really.

But, I pulled myself together (with the amazing help of google) and drafted up what I thought would be an acceptable onboarding document for my first meeting.

Wow … good times lol

So here I was. Clients asking me to help them looking completely disorganised and no income as both my husband and I had quit our regular jobs, had a mortgage and two kids to look after.

But yet, I knew that this was going to be exciting.


Here I am, two years in. I have rebranded to an agency, have a team of 10 people, have regular $10K months and growing and have a six-figure business.

If only it was that easy and so cut and dried.

There have been challenges, client breakups, loses, wins, debt collectors and many more things all tied in my journey.


I have learnt so much about myself and my capabilities in that time, and I am so proud of what I have achieved.

My husband has moved on from his business also – sold his dog washing business for a profit and has joined me in my agency!

It’s a crazy crazy time and there certainly isn’t anything that resembles a 9-5 work life now (as I sit here and write at 10:30pm) but it is amazing in its entirety too .

When I decided to take the leap of faith I researched VA training only to find that it cost $3000K as a minimum! I didn’t have that kind of money! Who does just starting out!

This is the sole reason why I have created My VA Time. For people like YOU who need that little extra encouragement and education. I found it really hard when I didn’t have all of the right documentation or even knowing if I was doing it “right”.

My VA Time is an affordable service provided to you with the intention to educate, empower and encourage you.

I don’t profess to have all of the answers! What I want to do is to impart some of my lived experience. Ultimately, you need to decide what is a good fit for your business. 

I’d love to help you on your way.

Lou x