Linking your personal growth with the growth in your business

Just a quick google search on “business growth” returns over 6 ½ billion results! I don’t know about you, but that feels overwhelming to even contemplate! It feels like there is a whole world of business coaches, online programs and YouTube courses just bursting to give you their insight into how to grow your business. But what if your business growth could come from something a little closer to home? What if your business and personal goals, dreams and ambitions are just opposites sides of the same coin?


When we think of personal growth, we sometimes overlook its potential in other areas of our life. As we look inward at our own thoughts, behaviours and patterns and outward out our place in the world around us, this personal transformation can translate to what we bring as business owners to our clients, leads and customers.


Take for an example a busy business owner who struggles with self-confidence, because of this they also have a bad business habit of “leaving money on the table”. Their personal struggle impacts their business. But think again of what would happen as they experience growth in this personal area… as our business owner starts to understand and see their own self-worth, that outcome will be echoed in their business. Our businesses are so often a reflection of how we see ourselves that we forget how intimately our need for business growth can be driven by our personal growth!

Three personal growth shifts that will grow your business

Challenge your worldview – unless we make a conscious effort to challenge the worldview we have been brought up with, we rob ourselves of the chance to change our opinions. As we strive to grow and expand our understanding of the world and our place in it, we are also able to grow and expand our potential leads and clients along with our offerings and potential!


Saying no – did you know that the word “no” can be a complete sentence! As small business owners, we can be tempted to see no as a dirty word. But it’s often out of fear that we say yes to everything. We say “Yes” to the potential client that we know isn’t a good fit. Yes to an extra task that we know we don’t really have time for etc. Learning to set boundaries in our personal life coaches us to confidently say no in our roles as business owners and in doing so increases our capacity for those times we want to say yes!


Stress relief and the work/life balance – or as I prefer to call it, the work/life juggle! This is probably the one area most people are familiar with when thinking about how our business and personal lives are wrapped up together. When this juggle begins to feel overwhelming with competing priorities, we know that each area becomes affected. Of course, business growth can sometimes fuel feelings of overwhelm! And striking that balance isn’t a one-and-done goal, but rather an ongoing goal that is flexible and will require nurturing.


As a business owner, it can feel like our sole attention is on business growth. But it is possible to take a step back and divert some of that attention and focus it on our own personal growth and still be able to see our business grow – often in ways we could never imagine! So what’s something that you could try today that’s a personal focus? How do you think that will impact your business? Share with us in the comments below what’s worked for you recently – we’d love to hear about it!

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