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Lou 12 July 2021

To create a good message you need to back it up with some great visuals! 

This month we highlight a tool that I never even knew existed before I started my biz and now I don’t know how I would survive without it … CANVA! 

I absolutely LOVE this program and I use it for everything! I have created my son’s birthday invitations, resumes and I use this to create all of the social images for clients, including my own, and I also use it for my proposals, service agreements and schedules! 

Offering an amazing FREE version, I do use the Pro as it does give me more features and it allows my team and I to collaborate as well, but if you just feel like giving it a try, I would suggest the free version first. 

Here are some amazing things you can do with CANVA:

  1. Create animated GIFs – who doesn’t love a good GIF!
  2. Resize your created graphics to suit specific platforms – no longer are you worried about sizing between FB and Insta!
  3. Brand Kit – we have touched on this during our series this month and CANVA can help you out with this! You can also use this feature for your social media clients!
  4. Add comments – great for collaborating and communicating with teams
  5. Transparent backgrounds – HELLO! What an amazing feature! 
  6. Copy designs from one canva to another
  7. Hyperlink in CANVA
  8. Lock elements – so that when your sausage fingers, like mine, tend to move things when you really don’t want them to – LOCK IT~!
  9. Photos – they have such an amazing range of free photos that really bring your designs to life!

I use this literally EVERY DAY in my business and it is one of the 5 tabs I ALWAYS have open lol 

It makes you look like a pro seriously … if you haven’t tried it – get your FREE plan now!