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Policies, procedures & SOPs: Do I really need them in my business?

Lou 12 October 2021

We think so!

I know for me, I would be lost without direction!

For me, policies, procedures, and work instructions, or SOPs as they are familiarly called, provide me with the framework and stability I need in my business.

These didn’t just happen overnight for me, they took a while to build collectively! So if you are thinking “I don’t have these in my business” and you’ve been doing this for a while, don’t stress! There is always time!

AND like everything else, it is important to review them and make sure they are still current (recommended annually) when you do have them.

I find them helpful for:

  1. Keeping me focussed on direction
  2. Onboarding a new team member
  3. Stability & consistency
  4. Protection
  5. Direction
  6. and most importantly, as a guide to remember!

As VAs our tasks can change every hour some days and if you perform a task that might be monthly for a client – who can remember that!!?? How many times have you said, “Now, how do I do this again?”

Get yourself onto Loom (free tutorial video software) and even record it as part of your workflow content! Doesn’t HAVE to be written, record yourself doing these tasks and build your library!

Let’s take a closer look at why you might consider these for your business …