Keeping Time

“How do I know that you are really doing the hours you are doing” 

“Can you update me with your activities for this week?”

“Is it worth the cost?”

These are a couple of common things you will be asked or get asked when dealing with your clients.

Offloading tasks to VAs is one of the best ways business owners can get valuable hours back in their day and concentrate on building their business. Some business owners are sceptical around the exact use of your time and whether they are getting a good Return on Investment (RoI).

Time tracking is an easy way to increase transparency and gain peace of mind. As a VA, time tracking is an invaluable way to generate data for project budgeting, manage scope creep, and create habits that fight procrastination and inefficiency. It also helps you identify training gaps, inefficiencies and mismanaged priorities.

From the get-go, it is important to establish a transparent and open relationship with your clients, which is why it is imperative to have a time tracking system that allows you to:

  1. Track time against projects/tasks you are working on
  2. Allows your to provide a report to those that you are serving
  3. Ensures your rates are adequate for the projects/tasks you are working on
And it’s pretty simple …

There are a couple of great FREE tools that you can use to help you keep track of your time. 

One of the most common is TOGGL. This is a fantastic option for those that want to track time and provide reports for their clients on a invoice or monthly basis.

The other great tracker for those especially who use XERO is the Projects app in Xero. This is amazing AND allows you to convert your time tracked straight into an invoice! Read more about projects here >>> It does cost, but it is super convenient and handy!

It’s amazing how small process changes can make a big difference in communication and relationship building. 

If you’re one that forgets and just get’s straight into the tasks, pop a post it note in front of you or on your computer screen until you get into the habit of it. You will soon become a master at it and obsessed with the data it can generate for you and wonder why you didn’t start sooner! 



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