A safe space for you to grow and be empowered. To help support you and reach your potential, your goals and make your impact in the VA world.

My VA Time is designed for YOU. 

For those that have made the choice to work for themselves and use the skills they have accumulated all of their lives into a business that works for them! 

Sometimes, it can all feel a little overwhelming though. You’ve gone from being the “go to” person at work and feeling like the person that makes everything happen to OMG I don’t know how to run a business! 

I have been there too, and if I am honest, I am still there!

This is why I created My VA Time. A place where you can come and feel safe and secure. A place where you can get some great advice (that is real) and that you can implement in your own business (if it speaks to you!).




Why me?

I’ve been where you are!

I loved the people I worked with and the job I had until the workplace culture changed. I was making it easy for so many people and so hard for myself and my family.

When I was told about virtual assistance, I thought – that is totally me! As I am sure you have as well or you wouldn’t be here. But when I started something was missing. 

I felt so overwhelmed by the amount of information and technology available it was hard to know what to do! 

The people that I researched were great – if you had $3000K+ for training and I just didn’t have that money!

I knew I had the skills and training needed to become a successful VA but that was it!

I would LOVE for you to join me on your VA journey where we can grow and learn together!

here are some reasons why our members are loving our community:

1.  You can be authentically and unapologetically you! 

2. No judgements, no right or wrong answers, just a safe space for you to be you

3. You can share and connect with others that know what it’s like to feel the way you do right now! 

4. Be empowered to explore your value, mission and goals 

5. Connect with powerful and influential VAs who share the same core values and empower each other 

6. Have access to a global network of intelligent VAs ready and willing to act as your trusted soundboards and provide clarity, vision, guidance and validation when and where you need it.

Sound like your type of people?



You are a VA who has just started on their journey and needs help deciding what to offer.


You have been a VA for a while and need some help growing.


You are thinking about becoming a VA and are not quite sure what to expect.


You’ve reached out to other groups and still feel like the fit is not quite right for you.


You’ve reached out to other groups and still feel like the fit is not quite right for you.


You are passionate about sharing and growing.


You are a powerhouse administrator but need some help when it comes to establishing a business.


Let’s take a peek


                A safe place where you can                 access everything you will    need in My VA Time


Whether you would like to create subcontracting opportunities or just bounce ideas of each other, you can connect as much or as little as you like


Let’s work on tackling those tasks together


Receive resources that are designed to help you in your journey and contain the right information at the right time!


Loads and loads of it, including access to our Podcast where we will be sharing loads of information from experts and myself

Application Process:

I know applying to become a member can feel a little overwhelming. So let me explain

I have created My VA Time for people that aspire to be leaders in their field and to make sure their intentions are pure. While that sounds a little weird, I want to ensure the safety of our members to make sure that we are supportive and encouraging at all times, which is why I personally make sure that when someone wishes to apply, they align with the heart of My VA Time.


You click on the link to start the application process.


You complete the easy online application form


You’ll receive an email saying if your application has been successful.


When you are approved,  you’ll receive information about what to do next, including how to join, what to expect and how everything works!


Once you are in, you make your investment!

It’s pretty simple… just the way we like it 

Once you become a member:

You will receive our special welcome series so you can confidently navigate your new online home.

You will then look forward to receiving your eParcels which are prepared for you and released monthly for you to explore and implement straight away in your business.

investment options


$17.95 AUD


$107.70 AUD


$215.40 AUD 

Our membership is designed to be:



Not over complicated

Budget conscious

That does not mean you won’t get great value! 

THIS MEANS you get some amazing resources that you can implement into your business STRAIGHT AWAY for an amazing price.

What some of our members have to say …

Georgina Gray

Over the past 3 years, I have got to know Lou on a professional and personal level and in this time, Lou has shown to be truly knowledgeable and very encouraging. Working along side Lou has been amazing, she has shared some great strategies to help with streamlining my business. And the resources and advice to help me tackle areas that I am unfamiliar with has been on point.

I have witnessed firsthand how she opened her knowledge bank to encourage an inspiring mother of 3 to feel empowered and go out on her own and is now working the hours she wants around her children so she can spend extra time with her young family.

Lou is an amazing woman and I feel that what she wants to achieve in helping others and with ‘My VA Time’ go hand in hand. ‘My VA Time’ is a place where we can all connect with likeminded businesswomen, be inspired and keep up to date with this fast-changing society and technology. 

I highly recommend Lou and ‘My VA Time’ to anyone looking for extra support in their VA journey!


Like Lou I am a Virtual Assistant, working remotely from home. I have experienced similar things to what you’re feeling now – THIS IS SO OVERWHELMING! WHERE DO I BEGIN?

Over the past 6 months I have been collaborating and bouncing ideas off Lou who not only provided insight and real-life experience in this area, she aided me in narrowing down what constitutes a VA, how our role is considered in this ever-evolving remote-working office environment – thanks in part to Covid-19 – and gives me reassurance that the work we are doing is providing value to our clients and community alike.

It’s not just her technical skills that impress me, however. Lou was a joy to work with because of her amazingly positive attitude and eagerness to stick with the difficult tasks that seemed beyond our capabilities – encouraging tenacity and ensuring that while navigating unknown territory I had the support and resources available to me at any given time.

Lou is not only a competent VA but also a brains trust, a marketing guru and an all-rounded administrative star. I continue to follow her journey and am pleased to see what she has achieved with My VA Time. I highly recommend her as a colleague, a mentor and a friend.

Have some questions?

To make sure we keep our community members safe and aligned with our core values.

Purely to offer you more than one option to suit your budget

Not at all! My VA Time is designed around the virtual assistance industry and is referenced as such. You might be thinking about becoming one, have just started or looking to grow your business.

Sure do! Everything is accessible straight away and we all start from the same place!

Nope! It’s all about the hub! This is our Facebook group so make sure you get involved!

While we don’t offer refunds, you aren’t locked into a contract with us and can cancel your membership at any time. We require seven working days notice before your next subscription. You will also receive an email about your upcoming 6 monthly or annual memberships.

We get it. Not everything is for everyone and sometimes expectations aren’t met. If you do decide to become a member and find that it isn’t quite right for you, please let us know and we can discuss cancelling your membership.

You can reach out to us at any time