Growth – Your Free Marketing Tool

Want to know one of the best marketing tools for your business that is FREE?
Business Awards!
I know … you are thinking NO WAY! I can’t talk about myself or my business! I’m not up there with the others!
I felt the same too, but I have always had the understanding that entering into awards is a great way to;
  1. Take stock of where you are
  2. Market yourself and your business for FREE
  3. Network with others that you may not have had the opportunity to do otherwise
  4. Gives your credibility in many areas
If nothing else, it allows you to look at how far you have come, your business and personal growth and look at your business from a different perspective.
I know it might feel a bit funny, but in the podcast, I’ll let you know 5 reasons why you should consider entering your business into your local, state or national awards!

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