The “You Series” – Who Are You?

Lou · 12 July 2021

Moving into our second instalment of the You Series, we are asking the question ” Who Are You?” 

What does your brand mean? What does your business do? Who are your ideal clients? What are your values? What message are you trying to convey?

When I started my business, The Administration Agency, I really wasn’t clear on my message or what I offered. I honestly was surprised that people were interested in me and what I had to offer! I was so overwhelmed and felt out of my comfort zone that I just took anyone and everyone that was willing to get me to do some work for them and pay me! 

You can imagine how well that turned out! 

In this month’s eParcel, I am sharing with you the importance of:

+ getting clear on your message

+ finding out about your ideal client

+ tools that will help you

I hope you find this informative and useful. Getting clear about who we are is extremely important when it comes to marketing and promoting your services. 

Next month, we continue our You Series, and dive into Where Are You? – where are you promoting your services and how do you capitalise on this? 

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