Lou · 29 August 2022
This month our theme is NURTURING.
This theme took a few turns this month, not shaping up to be what I thought!
As I explored the theme of nurturing and the weeks unfolded, it turned more into nurturing relationships than my original thought of nurturing clients.
Relationships and nurturing relationships is an extremely important part of our business. If we don’t feed our business relationships, we are no different from our competitors, and in fact, that can be what makes or breaks our leads and client retention.
My philosophy is always to treat clients how I would like to be treated. Give them the experience that you expect and what would make you engage with a business like yours! Sounds simple and easy enough right? It can get a little complicated when the old imposter syndrome kicks in!
I’ve taken some time to provide you with some tangible ways this month to increase your client nurturing and to make sure you are in front of your client relationships and nurturing them.

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