It’s Operational Baby!

Lou · 12 October 2021

Policies, procedures, workflow, work instructions, SoPs … what are they, and are they relevant to me?

Operations are essentially the inner workings of your business so it runs efficiently and as effectively as possible.

These can include strategy, marketing, sales, manufacturing, finance, and more.

Is it essential? Absolutely!

Operations provide a framework on how your business operates and functions and despite the size of your business, it is something that you should consider as one of your first priorities.

Even if you are far into your business journey, you need to put aside some time to get this aspect of your business sorted.

This month, we explain:

  1. Why these are so vital to your business
  2. How to implement them
  3. Provide examples of a policy template and policy register
  4. And how to implement these in your business.

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