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Hi, I'm Lou!

Wife, Mum to 2 beautiful boys, daughter, friend and owner of The Administration Agency.

When I started my VA journey in 2019, I found the transition between employee to business owner challenging, and found there were not a lot of resources available to help me understand how to cope with the feelings of being an imposter, that saying “NO” was OK nor could I find a community where I could share my journey as I felt like I just didn’t fit the mould! 

I also found it hard to keep up with the latest trends and found people were talking about things I had never even heard of!

It was very overwhelming.

So, I created…

A safe space where VAs, like you can come, no matter where you are on your journey and be encouraged, empowered and learn.

This time has been created for you when it suits you. There are no lock in times, dates or anything – just a whole bunch of goodness that is practical and able to be implemented into your business model straight away!

So, scroll down and find out how you can become a part of My VA Time and what to expect

What can I expect?

I’ve been planning this for a while now and have placed some deep thought into what I would have found useful in those initial stages, or any stage really since starting my journey. Things like: resources, one pagers for that short and sharp piece of advice and listening to experts along the way are what I believe will add most value to you. 

You won’t find us on a Facebook Group, you’ll find us in here – working together, sharing and co-sharing knowledge where you can feel safe and encouraged. 

Here is what you can look forward to ...

+ A community filled with like-minded business women who are on a mission to build a business and create the lifestyle they desire

+ Check out our weekly podcast where Lou interviews experts on all subject matters of interest from all over the world sharing their expertise, powerful tips and inspiration to help grow your business

+ A monthly e-Parcel of VA goodness – tangible information that is sent straight to your inbox ready for you to implement into your biz! You can look forward to receiving your social media planner, social media captions, monthly encouragement, one-pager on the months theme, tools we suggest and more! 

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We are all about VALUE at My VA Time and empowering you. 

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